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September 8, 2008

Change is coming!

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“Change is coming,” said John McCain.

But is it the same kind of “change we can believe in” that Obama promises?  At this point, polls show that a good majority of Obama supporters, like myself, are fairly certain on their pick for president.  Until last night, anyway.  Open minded independents with a liking for Barack Obama may have seen John McCain in a different light after his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention last night.

His oratory skills are still far from perfect, but McCain showed character in his carefully selected words, the stories he told, and the humility he exemplified.  He admitted his early stages of selfishness and pride as a young military man, but furthermore, explained what caused his change of views in what he and America truly stand for.  No longer was he his own man, but his country’s man.  For this reason and many more, he’d continue to fight for the rest of us.

What’s the easiest way to rally your supporters?  Highlight the opponent’s faults and cast a whole lot of mudlsinging, of course.  It wasn’t so much about bashing Obama this time, though.  I think we’re all aware that McCain’s running mate and spitfire, Sarah Palin, did plenty of that the previous night.  It was about comparing the issues at hand.  It was explaining his hate for war, but his understanding of how it should be utilized.  It was his response to education and why it shouldn’t concern American bureaucrats but American families.  It wasn’t even about the better party, but a better nation in general.  This was the first I’ve heard the man speak with a bipartisan voice, and I like that in a leader.

While Obama could smooth over any crowd with his poise, composure and grace, McCain showed an incredible amount of personality and good will.  Last night’s speech wasn’t about his shaky words, his random stutter, or his lack of animation.  It was about John and not McCain.  I think both parties certainly appreciated this.


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