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October 5, 2008

Religion? A click away?

Filed under: Religion — Jessica Cihacek @ 8:03 pm

While most of us are still laughing and imitating the “New Haircut” and “Charlie Bit Me” YouTube clips, others are seeking out the popular video sharing website for much more.  Religion.

YouTube took off in February of 2005 thanks to three former PayPal employees.  What started out as an entertainment website for users to upload and view other videos, is now acquiring faith-based clips for those wanting to get in touch with their spiritual side.

From bible quotes, to hymns – even words of inspiration to live by, YouTube is now a form of multi-faith websites, such as .   This makes sense, right?  As our society is getting so used to the internet doing virtually everything for us, why not add “take us to church” to the list as well?

By no means are all the religious video posts from world famous televangelists.  Many uploaders, will just fire up a camcorder and go.  Regardless, YouTube is providing faith-based information and exposure to those interested.  Skeptics are given reason believe that sites like this are only going to give people another reason so stay home on Sunday mornings.  I, on the other hand, don’t know if I prefer my weekly dose of religion spoon-fed to me by a monitor.

So perhaps it has something to do with tradition.  I don’t think many people of various denominations were raised to give praise to the lord at their desktop.  I really don’t see it going in that direction today or in the future.  Steve Waldman, founder of various faith-based websites, agrees.

“For years, people in my business talked about how the Internet was going to revolutionize religion the way the printing press helped create Protestantism, but it didn’t happen.” – compliments of TIME Magezine. For the casual religious experience, though, go ahead and YouTube it!


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